How We Measure Success

At Star Group, measurement—quantifying the impact and action that is derived from our marketing initiatives—is a critical component of our approach to client challenges. Be it awareness, perception, lead generation, or sales, our approach to measurement is a rigorous quest to determine the impact of our efforts on the consumer’s mind (awareness and perception), as well as their actions (leads and sales).
From brand planning to message development to message delivery if we can measure it, we can manage it better.
To that end, and recognizing that not all media channels or marketing campaigns are measured in the same way, we have created a 2-prong methodology behind “measuring success,” utilizing: 1) Impression-based metrics and 2) Response-based metrics.  

It’s important for us, as it is for you, to know that what we put out in the marketplace works effectively in communicating with the desired target. We apply an array of metrics to measure impact and action derived from our marketing initiatives, including:

Impression-based Metrics include:

  • Awareness levels
  • Modifying/shaping of perceptions (“share of mind”)
  • Pre and post research
  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Acceptance of attributes linked to the brand
  • Brand loyalty
  • Brand advocacy
  • Brand interaction
  • Media placement effectiveness
  • Creative strength
  • Competitive analyses

Response-based Metrics include:

  • Open rate
  • Click-thru rate
  • Response rate
  • Web hits
  • Time-on-site (TOS)
  • Page views
  • Leads (phone and web)
  • Applications
  • Appointments
  • Sales
  • Media Spend
  • Sales-to-Advertising Ratio
  • ROI
  • Development of web interfaces and customized dashboards that aggregate data sources

The delicate balance between the “art” and “science” of marketing is not lost in our measurement methodologies. While technology affords us the ability to be more granular and more insightful than ever before, we still recognize that moving hearts and minds with relevant messaging that resonates with the consumer remains an integral step in Creating Business™ .