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Tips On Creating Engaging Mobile Websites For Pharma Marketers

The world of pharmaceutical advertising and marketing always brings with it its own set of unique challenges… and designing a mobile site is no different.  Here are some tips to help with the process.

Mobile Marketing Is King - Cyber Monday Mobile Marketing Sales Up 192% Over Last Year

For those marketers and advertisers still not sold on the power of mobile marketing and the need to engage their customers and prospects via a mobile website, a report issued by IBM showed that sales via a mobile phone/smartphone/tablet on Cyber Monday 2011 increased an incredible 192% over last year. And you can expect that number to only go higher next year. 

Mobile Marketing - Fish Where The Fish Are

In case you were out of touch with the real world for the past 12 - 36 months, the world is gone mobile phone and smartphone crazy. Consumers by the boatload are using their cell phone to do everything, including shop, AKA spend money which is why it's so vital for B2C marketers to cast their marketing lines where the big fish are...

When It Comes To Consumer Marketing, Is Brand Loyalty A Thing Of The Past?

In just three years there's been a 20% decrease among consumers in brand loyalty, according to a study conducted by comScore. Those who make their living in the world of consumer marketing or business to consumer marketing or B2C marketing - whatever the hot phrase is these days, would be wise to keep reading...

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Mobile Phones Key To B2C Marketers Holiday Success

In what should come as no surprise to B2C marketers, more and more holiday shoppers plan on turning to their mobile phones and smartphones to buy Uncle Earl that case of assorted cheeses he always wanted... or something like that.

Optimizing User Experience for Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps

When it comes to optimizing sites and applications for mobile devices, there are several factors developers and designers must take into consideration.  If a mobile app or mobile-optimized site does not have an intuitive and simple interface, users can easily be detracted from installing and using the app, or exploring the site (both on the mobile platform and on a full desktop or laptop platform).

Hunters And Gatherers: How To Put Your Finger On The Evolution Of Mobile Users

Many mobile marketing industry professionals use the term “mobile user” to describe both smart phone and tablet users, but the user behaviors associated with these “touch-ready screen” devices is very different.

Why Mobile Email Marketing Is Important To Marketers And Advertisers

Mobile marketing and mobile advertising is of course exploding and the opportunities for marketers and advertisers are plentiful, and according to a recent Nielsen study, marketers and advertisers would be wise to include mobile email marketing in their integrated marketing communications strategies.

Truth In Advertising?

Why would a company advertise to NOT use their product? Is it a brilliant and clever case of reverse psychology or are they being sincere? You decide...

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Using Augmented Reality As Part Of An Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

The popularity of mobile phones, particularly smartphones, as well as tablets, are of course on the rise and along with that popularity comes a rise in the use of augmented reality technologies. Here's one example of using augmented reality as part on an overall integrated marketing communications strategy.