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Marketers And Advertisers: Women Are Driving The Purchasing Bus, Get Used To It

"Women control the majority of purchasing decisions in a household and their influence is growing." That's just one of the many key findings from a Nielsen Study which showed that women the world over are in control of purchasing decisions which should serve as a wake up call to business to consumer (B2C) marketers and advertisers across the globe. 

Why Mobile Email Marketing Is Important To Marketers And Advertisers

Mobile marketing and mobile advertising is of course exploding and the opportunities for marketers and advertisers are plentiful, and according to a recent Nielsen study, marketers and advertisers would be wise to include mobile email marketing in their integrated marketing communications strategies.

Using Augmented Reality As Part Of An Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

The popularity of mobile phones, particularly smartphones, as well as tablets, are of course on the rise and along with that popularity comes a rise in the use of augmented reality technologies. Here's one example of using augmented reality as part on an overall integrated marketing communications strategy.

Even More Proof Of The Importance Of Mobile Marketing And Mobile Advertising

The opportunities in the mobile marketing and mobile advertising space are growing by leaps and bounds and those marketers and advertisers who are not mobile, literally, will be left in the dust.

Integrated Marketing - It's A Worldwide Phenomenon

I've been preaching the value of an integrated marketing strategy for some time now and while my focus has been mainly on US-based companies and consumers, it would appear the idea of integrated marketing is catching on everywhere as consumers Down Under want an integrated message just like the rest of us.

What The Changes To Facebook Mean To Marketers And Advertisers

In case you missed the news, and quite frankly how could you... Facebook unveiled some major changes yesterday during their annual f8 conference. And marketers and advertisers would be wise to take notice. 

Marketers Who Treat Social Media As One Size Fits All Are Making A Tragic Mistake

Marketers and companies need to realize that prospects and customers are two different types of people and that their most valuable asset in the social media space are their most engaged, ardent and loyal fans. They need to empower these people to be their brand ambassadors to help attract new customers and convert prospects.

Integrated Marketing - The Holy Grail Of Marketing?

I am beginning to wonder if finding the lost City of Atlantis or figuring out how Pauly Shore actually had a career would be easier than getting marketers to grasp fully the importance and benefits of an integrated marketing strategy.

Use Email Marketing And Social Media As Part Of An Integrated Marketing Strategy

Businesses that combine email marketing with social media marketing are more successful with their integrated marketing campaigns than those who use email alone.

Why Marketers Need To Get In The Game Of Online Games And Mobile Games

With the number of consumers playing social games and mobile games growing exponentially and the demographics of those playing becoming more and more diverse, marketers need to be at the ready to take full advantage of this burgeoning marketing and advertising platform.