Facebook And Google + Up The Engagement Factor For Marketers

In the latest, and certainly not the last round of updates in the ever-growing battle for social supremacy among brand managers, both Facebook and Google+ announced updates - each designed to help brands and brand marketers to engage more with their fans and customers. 

Why Brand Marketers Need More Brand Ambassadors

The world of social media, where consumers rule the roost, has taken the power of suggestion to a whole new level and brand marketers and product managers and ALL marketers would be very wise to engage and empower as many ambassadors for their brands as they can.

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Content Before Klout – Why Social Influence Is More Than A Score

Today let’s start things off with a self-affirmation a-la Stuart Smalley. You are not a number. Like a beautiful, intricate, and fragile snowflake you are as unique online as you are in the real world, and that’s ok… so step back from your Klout Score and take a look at the ways, rather than the amount, you are engaging with your networks online.

What The New Twitter Brand Pages Mean To Marketers

Late to the party or not, Twitter has followed in Facebook's and Google+'s footsteps with the launch of their new brand pages and brand marketers would be wise to sit up and take notice of the new features coming to a Twitter account near them. Clearly the brand battle lines are being drawn.

Facebook Tells Google To Go Get Their Shine Box

Nothing like some good old fashioned competition to bring out some good old fashioned condescension amongst adversaries. Wait 'til you read how Mark Zuckerberg described Google+.

Google+ Pages Opens For Business

So Google+ is now open for business... literally. Big names such as Toyota, Macy's and The Muppets are among the first big name brands and companies to set up Google+ shop. 

What The Facebook Mobile Changes Mean To Marketers And Advertisers

Head of mobile products at Facebook Erick Tseng said just a few weeks ago that Facebook will "become a mobile company." And based on recent announcements it appears that's precisely where they're headed and mobile marketing and mobile advertising folks would be wise to pay close attention. 

Social Media Marketing Analytics - Brand Monitoring, Part Two Of An Exclusive 7-Part Series

Social Media Marketing and the measurement thereof is always a hot topic. In part two of this exclusive 7-part series I'll talk about brand monitoring - what it is and why it's so important. 

LinkedIn Is About To Up The Ante For Marketers And Brands

While Facebook and Google+ continue to try and one-app each other and marketers and brands continually look for ways to leverage them for maximum effect, one social media network which boasts "only" 120 million members is poised to make some changes of its own... and marketers and advertisers would be wise to take notice. 

How Google Affects Our Memory

When a brand becomes a verb you know it's proverbial paydirt. Example: What do you do when you want find out about something? You Google it of course. But for all the benefits of having so much information at our fingertips, there may be a downside.