Google Analytics (Not Provided) and Firefox (Not Set) - Online Search Marketers May Find These Updates Are (Not Cool)

Google and Firefox have made changes to search encryption that are affecting how marketers collect and analyze data, are you ready with alternate solutions?

Triple Bottom Line Thinking for Social Media

Please take a moment to check out my recent guest blog post on Tamar Weinberg's Techipedia blog.

Star Group At South By – Best Weekend Quotes From SXSW Interactive

Our favorite quotes and comments from SXSW 2012 sessions and panels, with some great insights on branding, digital design and social media.


Santorum’s Google Bomb – A Lesson In Digital Crisis 101

What do businesses and brands have to learn from the Santorum/Savage “Google Problem”? Unwanted search results will always be alive online, and it takes an active approach to keep them managed as much as possible. With the right tactics, it’s possible to minimize reputational threats, but simply complaining about them will not find a resolution.

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What The New Twitter Brand Pages Mean To Marketers

Late to the party or not, Twitter has followed in Facebook's and Google+'s footsteps with the launch of their new brand pages and brand marketers would be wise to sit up and take notice of the new features coming to a Twitter account near them. Clearly the brand battle lines are being drawn.

Why Business To Business Marketers Need To Win The Zero Moment Of Truth, Too

Back in June I told of The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) and why marketers needed to win it. However, it appears some in the business to business marketing world assumed that ZMOT only applied to those in the business to consumer marketing world. Well, we all know what happens when one assumes...

Facebook Tells Google To Go Get Their Shine Box

Nothing like some good old fashioned competition to bring out some good old fashioned condescension amongst adversaries. Wait 'til you read how Mark Zuckerberg described Google+.

Google+ Pages Opens For Business

So Google+ is now open for business... literally. Big names such as Toyota, Macy's and The Muppets are among the first big name brands and companies to set up Google+ shop. 

Yahoo! Ups Its Social Media Game

Yahoo!, you do remember Yahoo!, right? Well they recently made a couple of changes that are designed to make them more social media friendly. The question is will anyone care for does anyone even use Yahoo!?

New Google Tool Helps Businesses Go Mobile

With essentially the entire world on a mobile phone, there will be one mobile device for every person on Earth by the year 2015, the need to have a mobile site for your business is paramount for success. And a new tool from Google is here to help.