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The Struggle To Engage Across Multiple Channels Rages On

Call in multi-channel marketing. Call it an integrated marketing strategy. Whatever name you apply to it, brands and companies are still struggling to give consumers what they want... a consistent and seamless message across all marketing channels.

Why Brand Marketers Need More Brand Ambassadors

The world of social media, where consumers rule the roost, has taken the power of suggestion to a whole new level and brand marketers and product managers and ALL marketers would be very wise to engage and empower as many ambassadors for their brands as they can.

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Engagement Is The Most Important Digital Challenge For Marketers

According to a recent McKinsey quarterly report, having the ability to engage their customers and leverage those relationships is the number one digitally-related challenge facing marketers today.

Why Business To Business Marketers Need To Win The Zero Moment Of Truth, Too

Back in June I told of The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) and why marketers needed to win it. However, it appears some in the business to business marketing world assumed that ZMOT only applied to those in the business to consumer marketing world. Well, we all know what happens when one assumes...

Marketing Integration - The Number 1 Thing B2B And B2C Marketers Want To And Need To Learn

Not Search Engine Marketing. Not PPC. Not even Social Media Marketing. No, the #1 thing B2B Marketers and B2C Marketers alike want to learn more about is marketing integration and creating a true integrated marketing strategy. 

Online Video And Why Marketers And Advertisers Need To Be Using It

Your computer, mobile or tablet screen... is it not the same as a television screen? Of course it is. And we don't "read" TV do we? Hell no, we "watch" it. So it's no surprise that the popularity of online video is growing by the second, and why marketers and advertisers better wake up and smell the video coffee burning... as it were.

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Chapstick - Another Example Of A Brand Who Doesn't Get Social Media, No Butts About It

Ho hum, another day, another example of a company or brand exhibiting all the traits of a company or brand who simply doesn't get it when it comes to social media - in this case Chapstick. 

When It Comes To Social Media, Companies Need To Look In Before Looking Out

From where I sit it appears a great number of companies need to turn the spotlight on themselves for a true and honest evaluation of themselves before jumping into the social media pool or even AFTER they get their feet wet.

Advertisers Marketing To Baby Boomers Just Got An Additional Thirty-Eight Million Prospects

In the United States alone, over 50% of the discretionary spending power rests with the baby boomers and they are responsible for over half of all consumer spending. And now, thanks to AARP, advertisers now have a whole slew of avenues to reach them. 

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The Future Of Business To Business Marketing Summed Up In Two Words: Content Marketing

While generating leads remains the number one objective for business to business marketing folks, the method by which they are generating those leads is shifting as more business to business marketers move toward Content Marketing as a tactic. But the road to successful Content Marketing is paved with many challenges.

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