Nike Runs In A Different Messaging Direction - What Other Brands Can Learn

Sometimes even the most well known brands change their messaging. This is usually done during a rebranding process, implementing a makeover to redefine key messages to consumers, but sometimes a brand makes changes when they are missing a portion of their target market.

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Chipotle Shows How True Branding Is More Than A Tagline

A brand is more than just a logo and a tagline. When different pieces of the marketing mix can be brought together with cohesive planning and execution, an enduring and profitable brand platform is created. Chipotle's first national commercial succeeded in strengthening their brand thanks not only to creative, but because its messaging linked back to the company's core promise.


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Google Changes The Rules, Again...

"SEO Under Attack" and "Google Puts A Price On Privacy" are just two of the many headlines I've seen in regards to articles and posts written about Google encrypting search results pages for logged in users. Here's my take on the whole thing...

Advertisers Marketing To Baby Boomers Just Got An Additional Thirty-Eight Million Prospects

In the United States alone, over 50% of the discretionary spending power rests with the baby boomers and they are responsible for over half of all consumer spending. And now, thanks to AARP, advertisers now have a whole slew of avenues to reach them. 

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Truth In Advertising?

Why would a company advertise to NOT use their product? Is it a brilliant and clever case of reverse psychology or are they being sincere? You decide...

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Advertising Goes To The Dogs, Literally

As a parent of two kids (7 & 11) I can speak first hand to the effectiveness of advertising as a means to affect my children in such a way they come to my wife and I lamenting the fact that they "need" this or "want" that re: the latest toy, game or widget. I get it. Advertising to children who then beg their parents. But advertising to a dog with the hopes said canine will proceed to commence similar begging for a certain dog food? Yeah, that's a new one...

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Social Media's Dirty Little Secret

For all the time people spend on social media - the most recent report from Nielsen indicates Americans spend over 53 billion minutes per month on Facebook alone, it is not nor will it ever not be the answer to what ails your marketing campaigns.

Advertisers Continue To Boldy Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Advertisers and marketers continue to push the envelope by finding more and more otherwise banal places for their ads and marketing messages.

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Are People Tuning Out Advertising?

Call it a sign of the times, call it a reaction to the recession - either the ongoing one or the new one, depending on which economist you listen to, but it appears consumers both here in the US and worldwide are tuning out advertising, be it of the offline or online variety.

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The Single Biggest Worry For Advertisers And Marketers

No, this will NOT be another post about Google+ - not there's anything wrong with that, and no it's not about the national debt and the possible impact it will have on the American economy. To me the single biggest worry for advertisers and marketers is do consumers remember your product and brand after seeing an ad (TV spot) or do they just remember the ad itself?