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Valentine’s Data Crunching – Being Strategic In Love And Marketing

What can marketers learn from a data-crunching SEO-optimized online dater? A Lot.

Brand Managers Learn From Paul Ryan: Are You Master Of Your Domain?

Whether you’re a politician, a musician or a major brand, spending a little extra money on domain names now can save you from big headaches down the road.

Google Analytics (Not Provided) and Firefox (Not Set) - Online Search Marketers May Find These Updates Are (Not Cool)

Google and Firefox have made changes to search encryption that are affecting how marketers collect and analyze data, are you ready with alternate solutions?

Did Mad Men Measure ROI? What Don Draper’s Been Missing for Brand Marketers

When the Don Drapers of the world launched a client campaign, there was only one performance indicator – sales figures. If sales went up, the campaign was a success. So now that we are able to measure each aspect of a campaign, why do some folks still look at the components in a silo?

Star Group At South By – Best Weekend Quotes From SXSW Interactive

Our favorite quotes and comments from SXSW 2012 sessions and panels, with some great insights on branding, digital design and social media.


SEO For Brands, A Post-Super Bowl Trend Talk

Last week, before the Super Bowl, we took a look at what search terms were trending leading up to the game. But even if it’s not something as widely watched and discussed as the Super Bowl, outside events can have an impact on search terms for top brands.

Last week, before Super Bowl XLVI even happened, we took a look at what search terms were trending leading up to the game, and also made a bold prediction:

The Perfect Search Engine And How It Would Impact Marketers And Advertisers

The word "perfect" is such a strong and powerful one. Reaching perfection, while the goal of many, is not often reached. But if you're a marketer or advertiser, just imagine a world where the Perfect Search Engine (PSE) exists. Well, the folks over at Search Engine Land did... and so did we. 

Why Business To Business Marketers Need To Win The Zero Moment Of Truth, Too

Back in June I told of The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) and why marketers needed to win it. However, it appears some in the business to business marketing world assumed that ZMOT only applied to those in the business to consumer marketing world. Well, we all know what happens when one assumes...

Google Analytics’ New Visitors Flow Feature: Great GA Update Or The Greatest Ever?

Could a new feature from Google Analytics be their greatest update ever? Could that possibly be true? Strong words but here's one man's opinion on why that just may be the case. 

Google Presents Reality Television... Sort Of

Forget about Kim Kardashian (two words: publicity stunt) and forget about The Real Housewives of (insert name of town here). If you want reality television and I mean REAL reality television, Google is here to help... sort of...