Why Mobile Email Marketing Is Important To Marketers And Advertisers

Mobile marketing and mobile advertising is of course exploding and the opportunities for marketers and advertisers are plentiful, and according to a recent Nielsen study, marketers and advertisers would be wise to include mobile email marketing in their integrated marketing communications strategies.

Anyone who knows me I am a huge proponent of integration or multi-channel marketing AND including mobile marketing and mobile advertising as part of the mix. I've written numerous articles on each and I guess I'll keep writing them until the entire free world catches on... ok, maybe not the "entire" free world. Just the title alone of my last post dealing explicitly with mobile marketing and mobile advertising says it all: Even More Proof Of The Importance Of Mobile Marketing And Mobile Advertising. Catch the word "even?" That tells you I'm a bit obsessed with mobile marketing and mobile advertising. Ok, perhaps I need to see someone for my obsession but that's another story for another time. 

Now, where was I? Oh yes, the Nielsen study. When they announced the findings on their own site they went with the title of "40% of Tablet and Smartphone Owners Use Them While Watching TV" focusing squarely on the number of consumers who are multi-tasking while watching TV. You could even go so far as to say that consumers are doing their own form of integration, watching TV and also using their smartphones and tablets at the same time. Hey, maybe consumers figured if marketers aren't going to incorporate integration, we'll do our own version of it. 











As you can see the chart above the eReader folks are lagging behind when it comes to TV integration, as it were. But regardless of that, the fact tht 40% of smartphone and tablet users are using their devices while watching TV is significant. And what's even more signifincant and what brings me back to the title of post, look at what most smartphone and tablet users are doing on their respective devices while watching TV:



















That's right Mr. and Mrs. Marketer & Advertiser, they are checking their email. During the show, during the commercial, doesn't matter... the #1 thing smartphone and tablets users are doing on their devices while watching TV is check email. Now, perhaps some of the email checking that's going on is a matter of catching up on work-related emails. Fine. I'll buy that. But, the fact remains that there is a huge opportunity for marketers and advertisers to use mobile email marketing to their advantage during these times smartphone and tablet users are on their devices with the TV on in the same room.

Tips On Mobile Email Marketing 

  • Optimize - You don't know which devices your customer will view a mobile email on so you need to make sure your emails are optimized.
  • Mobile ready site - Don't forget the obvious and make sure your site is mobile ready for nothing frustrates mobile readers more than clicking on an email and being taken to a site that's not mobile friendly
  • Size matters  - You're dealing with a smaller screen so be sure that if you have something you want people to notice, like a new product for example, make sure that takes center stage in the limited amount of screen space you have
  • By the numbers - Be sure to set up analytics before blasting emails for this will allow you to see what % of emails get opened, when their opened and precisely what got clicked on within the email itself
  • Integration! - As obsessed as I am with mobile marketing and mobile advertising, I am at the least equally obsessed with integration. Consumers want to see an integrated message and every medium - from email to print to TV to social and so on has specific atributes that need to be leveraged properly

Ok, so now you know of the importance of mobile email marketing for marketers and advertisers... now go forth and take advantage of all those customers and potential customers alike who are mutli-tasking while watching TV. B2B marketers or B2C marketers, makes no difference. Your customers and prospects are reading their email via their mobile devices while watching TV... take this information and use it, wisely. 

Do you use mobile email marketing in your overall integrated campaigns? Why or why not?

From the consumer in you, do you use your smartphone and/or tablet while watching TV? How would you respond to an email from a marketer or advertiser that you either receive during the show itself or one that you received earlier but didn't get to open earlier and open it during the show?

Source: Nielsen