Friday Fun - If It Sounds Like A Duck

Friday Fun is just what the name implies - it's Friday, so let's have some fun. Every Friday we'll bring you something funny, at least we think it is :) Might be a picture or a post or something completely different. This week it's all about having fun with the word "duck." And a little something extra thrown in at the end, too.

My man Don Feiler sends me this link the other day to a story, if you want to call it that - that ran on titled Famous Quotes With One Word Replaced By 'Duck,' Because Why Not (TWEETS). Don, like me, has a twisted sense of humor which is why I like the guy so much. I told him I would use this fodder for this week's edition of Friday Fun.

So here are some of the Tweets that appeared on the HuffPost story and I threw in a few of my own. AND as a bonus for this week's Friday Fun, I'm also including something from my man Isaac Segal, AKA "the walking encyclopedia."







And here are some of mine...

Go ahead, make my duck.

A duck saved is a duck earned.

To be or not to be, that is the duck.

I could go on all day... try it's a lot of fun!

And as promised... via Mr. Segal, Social Media Goes Retro







































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