May 2012

In The Wake of Facebook, Remember Your Brand Pillars

As we all question what will happen to Facebook, it seems that many have become focused on being the “it” thing now, and not being remembered as the one and only. 

Emblazoned with an imprint of a sextant, the white bound book with attached grey bookmark appears near holy as it commands attention from anyone who sees it. You’re guided through the life of Florentine Ariosto Jones beginning in Boston, who then traveled across the Atlantic to Switzerland over 140 years ago.

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What The Facebook IPO Means For Brand Marketers

Now that Facebook is public, will priority shift from pure innovation to a focus on investors? What impact will enhancements to their current revenue streams have on brands?

Nike Runs In A Different Messaging Direction - What Other Brands Can Learn

Sometimes even the most well known brands change their messaging. This is usually done during a rebranding process, implementing a makeover to redefine key messages to consumers, but sometimes a brand makes changes when they are missing a portion of their target market.

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Google Analytics (Not Provided) and Firefox (Not Set) - Online Search Marketers May Find These Updates Are (Not Cool)

Google and Firefox have made changes to search encryption that are affecting how marketers collect and analyze data, are you ready with alternate solutions?

Twitter Verification Implications for Brand Marketers

With recent news that Twitter's verification process has become linked to monthly advertising, there has been conversation and debate about blurry lines in the sand. What does this change mean for your brand or company on Twitter? Is verification critical to your Twitter strategy?