April 2012

As Facebook Edges Closer to 1 Billion – Is Your Brand Engaged?

The magic number for Facebook is very close…most likely before the end of 2012 there will be over 1 billion active monthly users on the social network, but is your brand engaging with them in a beneficial way?

Let's Get Visual With Social Media

There are plenty of examples of unique ways to use imagery all over the internet, but all businesses are different, so which is right for you? 

Will Google Goggles Take Over the Smartphone World?

Instead of just competing in the touchscreen wars Google is experimenting with SciFi tech and bringing the screen to our face to help “keep us in the moment”.
Remember when it was considered "uncool to have Coke bottle glasses and Rec Specs instantly defined you as the sports nerd?  Well, Google is inadvertently trying to change that with their prototype augmented reality Google Goggles.  I think it’s the right time and the right idea to innovate and try to leap ahead of Apple and Microsoft.

Triple Bottom Line Thinking for Social Media

Please take a moment to check out my recent guest blog post on Tamar Weinberg's Techipedia blog.