February 2012

Chipotle Shows How True Branding Is More Than A Tagline

A brand is more than just a logo and a tagline. When different pieces of the marketing mix can be brought together with cohesive planning and execution, an enduring and profitable brand platform is created. Chipotle's first national commercial succeeded in strengthening their brand thanks not only to creative, but because its messaging linked back to the company's core promise.


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Does Product Placement Blur Consumer Perception?

As the line between product placements, reviews and write-ups gets thinner, it's important for brands to understand the context of their content as well as their audience's purchasing decision matrix. Setting up a placement or advertorial can be one piece of the puzzle, but it can’t be the only.


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Everything All The Time – Is Your Brand Spread Too Thin On Social Media?

Do you feel the the need for your brand to be present on every social platform available? Even for large companies, it takes the right evaluation and methodology to decide where to focus resources, especially when they are limited. Multiple touchpoints for interaction are important, but not at the cost of spending time and resources on a format devoid of your audience.

SEO For Brands, A Post-Super Bowl Trend Talk

Last week, before the Super Bowl, we took a look at what search terms were trending leading up to the game. But even if it’s not something as widely watched and discussed as the Super Bowl, outside events can have an impact on search terms for top brands.

Last week, before Super Bowl XLVI even happened, we took a look at what search terms were trending leading up to the game, and also made a bold prediction:

What Adobe is Doing to Stay Relevant on the Web

It's no secret that Flash as we know it is dying off. For quite a while, Adobe was reluctant to give in on the technology that represents such a large part of their company, but they finally switched from defensive mode to "hey, how can we adapt as a company?" mode.