January 2012

Beyond the Box: The Metamorphosis of Television

Co-authored with Jacqueline Johnson, Assistant Media Planner/Buyer

TV Everywhere could be a big moneymaker for advertisers and networks. Viewers now have the option of watching their favorite shows on TV at home, on their laptop or even on their mobile device at no additional cost, which will change the way TV is purchased from a media standpoint. 


QR Codes Aren’t Sweet Without Strategy

QR codes represent a unique mix of technology and advertising that is steadily improving with evolving new forms and functions. But their functional improvement is meaningless if the platform is not applied with the right strategy and tactics in the real world in order to connect with consumers.


Recovering Economy Drives Nonprofits To Reclaim Their Brands

Nonprofits that have survived through the rough economy may be facing an uphill branding battle even while people begin returning to their former levels of charitable giving. The right messaging and marketing strategies could make all the difference in how smoothly the crest of that hill is reached.


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Can A Parking Authority Blog Drive Home The Right Message?

One of the golden rules of social media marketing is adapting to the tone and conversation style of your intended audience. It's important to promote a two-way conversation rather than a one-way message delivery system, interacting with the intended community. But should this apply to official city government entities as well?

The Struggle To Engage Across Multiple Channels Rages On

Call in multi-channel marketing. Call it an integrated marketing strategy. Whatever name you apply to it, brands and companies are still struggling to give consumers what they want... a consistent and seamless message across all marketing channels.