November 2011

New YouTube Analytics Helps Marketers Engage With More Audiences

Thanks to a new analytics tool, YouTube will now provide users with a whole new wealth of information which will help marketers and advertisers alike engage with their audiences.

Mobile Marketing Is King - Cyber Monday Mobile Marketing Sales Up 192% Over Last Year

For those marketers and advertisers still not sold on the power of mobile marketing and the need to engage their customers and prospects via a mobile website, a report issued by IBM showed that sales via a mobile phone/smartphone/tablet on Cyber Monday 2011 increased an incredible 192% over last year. And you can expect that number to only go higher next year. 

Does Your Company Need Reputation Insurance?

In today's hyperactive, always-on-the-go digital-crazed world we live in... where one misplaced Tweet can undo a lifetime of brand equity, having a crisis management plan in place is imperative. But does it make sense to pay an added expense for proper reputation management?

Why Business To Business Marketers Need To Win The Zero Moment Of Truth, Too

Back in June I told of The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) and why marketers needed to win it. However, it appears some in the business to business marketing world assumed that ZMOT only applied to those in the business to consumer marketing world. Well, we all know what happens when one assumes...

HTML5: What It Is, And More Importantly, What It Isn't

HTML5's early adoption by movers and shakers in the desktop browsers and mobile device market have stirred a lot of excitement, as well as occasional confusion for non-developers and programmers.  This article provides some analogies to help better understand the changes with this latest version of HTML and to clarify common misconceptions as to how it impacts the web. Read more...