October 2011

Marketers And Advertisers: Women Are Driving The Purchasing Bus, Get Used To It

"Women control the majority of purchasing decisions in a household and their influence is growing." That's just one of the many key findings from a Nielsen Study which showed that women the world over are in control of purchasing decisions which should serve as a wake up call to business to consumer (B2C) marketers and advertisers across the globe. 

Chapstick - Another Example Of A Brand Who Doesn't Get Social Media, No Butts About It

Ho hum, another day, another example of a company or brand exhibiting all the traits of a company or brand who simply doesn't get it when it comes to social media - in this case Chapstick. 

Friday Fun - Fun With Halloween

Friday Fun is just what the name implies - it's Friday, so let's have some fun. Every Friday we'll bring you something funny, at least we think it is :) Might be a picture or a post or something completely different. This week it's fun with Halloween.

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Social Media Marketing Analytics - Strategic Connections, Part Five Of An Exclusive 7-Part Series

Social Media Marketing and the measurement thereof is always a hot topic. In part four of this exclusive 7-part series we'll be discussing Strategic Development.

When It Comes To Social Media, Companies Need To Look In Before Looking Out

From where I sit it appears a great number of companies need to turn the spotlight on themselves for a true and honest evaluation of themselves before jumping into the social media pool or even AFTER they get their feet wet.