May 2011

The Big Opportunity Marketers Are Missing Right Now

Online Social Gaming, which boasts an average of 250 million users each month, is a heretofore undervalued and under appreciated medium despite its gaudy audience numbers.

Let's Keep Our Eye On The Ball This Memorial Day

Full disclosure: I work for a marketing communications agency.

Ok, not exactly breaking news but I wanted to preface my post by saying I get it… I get the fact that advertisers and companies are in business to make money, to move product.

I get the fact that every month of the year offers a veritable plethora (is there any other kind of plethora?) of holidays and special occasions all waiting to be used as part of a sales campaign.

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Why Marketers Need To Pay Attention To The Fourth Screen

Today, marketers need to be fully aware of the “Fourth Screen” because it is growing in popularity according to the recent Nielsen Company’s “Fourth Screen Network Audience Report.”

Remember the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind? It was one of Steven Spielberg’s best movies in my humble opinion. The “Third” kind referred to visual confirmation of “animate being” AKA an alien or extraterrestrial.

Social Search Wars Ramp Up

In recent weeks, the theater of war for search market share has moved squarely into the social battlefield, where both Bing and Google have begun loading fodder into their social cannons.

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Facebook Google PR Disaster - Let's Get Real

I find all of the brouhaha about the recent Facebook “smear campaign” related to Google Social Networks to be a real tempest in a teapot. As a communications professional I get that they violated the standards and ethics of our profession by not being open about the fact that the hired PR firm Burson Marsteller to court any news media who cared about the potential dangers of Google manipulating your whims and desires.

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