April 2011

Results Of Google Smartphone Survey

A few days ago Google released the findings of a smartphone-user survey conducted at the end of 2010 that they did in partnership with Ipsos OTX. The audience was comprised of 5,000 US adults who owned a smartphone and accessed the mobile internet.

The findings of the survey seemed to support previous surveys whose results highlighted the ever-growing usage and reliance people have on their smartphone.

Are Retailers Seeing The End Of The Impulse Buy?

Retailers have long relied on consumers making an impulse buy/purchase. Check out the Impulse Shopping Fact Sheet for some interesting stats re: Impulse Buying.

There are of course many definitions for the term but in general it is "to buy on impulse without proper reflection."

Well it seems many folks are reflecting on these decisions long before they even leave their house.

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Many Unhappy Returns: Gulf Oil Spill Anniversary

The recent passing of the anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in which eleven were killed and 4.2 million barrels discharged into the Gulf of Mexico is spotlighting the on-going debate about how much damage this incident really may have done to the environment.

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Don't Fear Consumer Satisfaction Surveys

A recent study reveals businesses should not fear asking their customers as over 50% of those who complete surveys do so to share a positive experience.

Are you a business owner? Are you afraid to ask your customer what they think?

Don't be...  

SEO Firm Fined Nearly $800,000 For Helping Client Sell Counterfeit Golf Clubs

Not sure how many are aware of this ruling, which came down in March but in case you haven't heard about it and are in the business of building websites, offering SEO services and the like... you want to pay very close attention to this story.

The story was first reported on the Internet Retailer Magazine site with this very ominous sounding title: "Court holds SEO firm responsible for online sales of counterfeit golf clubs."